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For more than 25 years, MAMBA has been developing, maintaining and promoting trails on, and around Moscow Mountain.  Here’s a brief history of some of those trails. 

A Mountain Bike on Moscow Mountain in the Snow


YearTrail ActivityClub Activity
2021Balsam Route extend to Switchblade/Moose Marbles intersection*
Cave Trail work to reopen*
Headwaters finish work on identified trail sections*
North Contour work to reopen*
Phillip's Farm singletrack build*
PLT finish work on identified trail sections*
Queen Mary's Revenge finish work on identified trail sections*
Triple Crown finish work on identified trail sections*
Whoop Dee Doo work to reopen*

* trail work goals for 2021
MAMBA 2020 Annual Report distrubted to members
New MAMBA membership platform Established
MAMBA Bylaws Amended
2020Alt Rock not maintained
Balsam Route built (end of West Twin Rd)
Cabin Trail repaired 2 bridges
Cave Trail removed (logged)
Cedar Grove Westside designated as MAMBA trail
Donkey Hoh Tea not maintained
Headwaters reroute
Headwaters Landing Rd designated as MAMBA trail
Jericho's Wall not maintained
Nemesis Landing not maintained
Over Easy, Approach closed (logging)
PLT reroute completed (move off of landowner property)
Queen Mary's Revenge logging damage repaired
QMR Rd designated as MAMBA trail
Sand Blvd closed (logging)
Somalia designated as MAMBA trail
Triple Crown 3rd crown repair done (post-logging)
Upper Rocks designated as MAMBA trail
Whoop Dee Doo removed (logged)
MAMBA transitioned to maps and elevations MAMBA membership login/password no longer required to access MAMBA trail maps and GPS files
Expand trail signage use where allowed
Port-a-Potties located at both Headwater's Parking & Trail Landing Parking
2019Clearcut Connector Rd designated as MAMBA trail
Crumerine Creek Trail designated as MAMBA trail
Easy Out designated as MAMBA trail
Moose/Noose Connector designated as MAMBA trail
Tusks Connector designated as MAMBA trail
Warnick Logging Rd designated as MAMBA trail
Warnick Spur designated as MAMBA trail
Trail signage pilot
Port-a-Potty pilot at Headwater's Parking
MAMBA socks designed and sold
2018Grumpy Grouse built
Headwaters lower bridge repair
Headwaters' Parking gets a Port-a-Potty
Trail Landing Parking expanded & renamed from Moscow Mtn Rd Parking
North Contour closed (logged)
PLT repair done (post-logging)
Velo designated as MAMBA trail
Wagon Trail reroute completed
Warnick's Cabin removed
Seven Member Board of Directors established: John Wenz, Matt Pollard, Kyle French, Colin Priebe, Donald Schmidt, Sandra Townsend, & Suzanne Kaplan
MAMBA Bikernew MAMBA Bylaws adopted
MAMBA established as 501(c)(3) tax-exempt
John Wenz (President & Landowner Liaison)
Matt Pollard (Secretary)
Kyle French (Treasurer)
Colin Priebe (Trails Chairperson)
Sandra Townsend (Fundraising Chairperson)
2017Moose Marbles/Jack's Route connection completed
Queen Mary's Revenge completed
QMR Spur started
Scott's Trail completed
Membership raised to $20 (2017)
Winter trail grooming begins (2017)
2016Subaru Hollow designated as MAMBA trail
Subaru Hollow bridges built
Moose Marbles reroute built
North Contour Connector completed
Swoosh Rd designated as MAMBA trail
2015Headwaters upper bridge built
Headwaters reroute built
Jack's Route reroute built
Moscow Mtn CLOSED because of fire danger: July 7 to Sept 8, 2015
2014Deep Vee removed
Liposuction removed
Rock Taco built
Switchblade expansion completed
2013Queen Mary's Revenge started
Warnick's Cabin deck repaired
2012Jack's Route built
2011Lower PLT completed
PLT completed
2010LaFortunes Flight completed (with help of 40+ volunteers)
PLT started (with help of 40+ volunteers)
Scott Metlen (President, Landowner Liaison)
Board of Directors:
Scott Metlen, Dan Cordon, & Jonathan Lomber
Joe Wagenbrenner implements MAMBA Trail Stewards
(Moscow Mtn adopt-a-trail program) (2010-)
2009Cedar Connector designated as MAMBA trail
Gemini completed (with help of 40+ volunteers)
Jericho's Wall designated as MAMBA trail
LaFortunes Flight started (with help of 40+ volunteers)
Nemesis Landing designated as MAMBA trail
Wonderpup becomes the new shorter version of Wonderdog (post-logging)
2008Gemini started
Lower Tusk repaired (post-logging)
Jim LaFortune (President, Landowner Liaison)
Board of Directors:
Jim LaFortune, Dan Cordon, & Jonathan Lomber
Allow online membership payments
Membership raised to $15
2007Alt Rock designated as MAMBA trail
Meadow Trail designated as MAMBA trail
Rock & a Hard Place extended to Four Corners
Rolls Royce Rd designated as MAMBA trail
Sand Blvd designated as MAMBA trail
Whoop Dee Doo designated as MAMBA trail
Dan Cordon & Jonathan Lomber (Co-Presidents)
Jim LaFortune (Landowner Liaison)
Three Member Board of Directors established:
Jim LaFortune, Dan Cordon, & Jonathan Lomber
MAMBA Bylaws adopted
MAMBA established as non-profit charitable organization
2006Flipside designated as MAMBA trail
Fruitcake designated as MAMBA trail
Hey Noose designated as MAMBA trail
Lickity Split designated as MAMBA trail
Meadow Trail added technical features
Nemesis bridge built
Over Easy brush-cut
Rock & a Hard Place repair post-logging (with help of 20+ volunteers)
Sidewinder built
Triple Crown installed water drainage
Wagon Trail designated as MAMBA trail
Jonathan Lomber writes a successful Idaho Recreational Trails Program grant
2005Blonde Jeans designated as MAMBA trail
Cave Trail bridges built
Nemesis built (with help of 20+ volunteers)
Dan Cordon & Jonathan Lomber (Co-Presidents)
Jim LaFortune (Landowner Liaison)
2004Cave Trail builtMembership raised to $10
Community cleanup of Moscow Mtn led by Eagle Scout John Mosman
Jonathan Lomber writes a successful Idaho Recreational Trails Program grant
2003Headwaters completedIMBA (International Mountain Bike Association) trains 42 locals on building trail technique
2002Cedar Grove rerouted
Headwaters started
South Side designated as MAMBA trail
Triple Crown gains new turkey filters
2001Cabin Trail gets addition of water barsIMBA gives Idaho a rating of "A" for mountain biking quality of life. Idaho was the only state to receive the highest rating, thanks to abundant, accessible singletrack and thanks in part to MAMBA's hard work in the past decade
2000Cabin Trail gains turkey filters
Deep Vee designated as MAMBA trail
Donkey Hoh Tea designated as MAMBA trail
Jump Trail jumps removed (due to logging)
North Contour becomes shorter version of Sand Trail (post-logging)
Oval Office started, work halted before completion
Over Easy first 1/2 mi is now a logging road
Rock & a Hard Place built
Warnick cabin given two cords of firewood
1999Moose Marbles designated as MAMBA trail
Moose Marbles erosion control work (post-logging)
Over Easy designated as MAMBA trail
Switchblade built
Wonderdog (now Wonderpup) designated as MAMBA trail
1998Giant White Pine Campground trails restored by MAMBA, US Forest Service, & 24 teenagers from UI Upward Bound
Liposuction designated as MAMBA trail
Pick Up Sticks built (logged fall 1998 & not maintained)
Southside Trail waterbars rebuilt (after spring 1998 logging)
Jim LaFortune (President, Landowner Liaison, Web)
MAMBA Leadership: Jim LaFortune, Jonathan Lomber, Dan Cordon, & John Larkin

1997MAMBA formed
Following trails designated as MAMBA trails:

  • Cabin Trail

  • Jump Trail

  • The Tusks

  • Up & Over

Spin Cycle built (logged 1998, not maintained)
Triple Crown east and middle loops impacted by logging
MAMBA "The Club" formed by Jim LaFortune (President), John Larkin, & Matt Morra
Membership $5

Matt Mora, Jim LaFortune and John Larkin, MAMBA's Founders
1995Mountain Bike Guide to Hog Heaven lists these trails:

  • Cedar Grove

  • Ridge Rd East (now Moscow Mtn Rd East)

  • Ridge Rd West (now Foothill Rd)

  • Sand Trail (now North Contour, Meadow Trail, and Sand Blvd)

  • Southside Trail (now Velo, South Side, and Moose Marbles)

  • Triple Crown

Jim LaFortune publishes Mountain Bike Guide to Hog Heaven

MAMBA 2020 Annual Report


Moscow Area Mountain Bike Association


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